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College News
  • Our college organizes overseas short-term training in Mongolia
  • Our college participates in the National Vocational Colleges Education Exhibition in Mongolia
  • 18 mongolian cooks come to our college for short-term training
  • 26 Mongolian short-term trainees graduated
  • Our college become the executive director of the Sino-Brit
  • International Exchange Center holds wrestling competition for foreign students
  • According to the needs of MongolianAgriculture and Animal Husbandry Cooperatives, our collegeorganized Mongolianstuden

  • Our college was invited to attended the two days National Vocational Colleges Education Exhibition in Mongolia by

  • The college welcomed a new groupof short-term traineeson 14thJune The training lasted 7 days and the training ma

  • On June 8 th, 26 students from New Ijgen Shiller University of Mongolia completed their Chinese food training an

  • ChineseFederation for Foreign Cooperation in Vocational Education, Chinese-British Excellence Vocational Education Cent

  • In order to enrich the Extracurricular life of foreignstudents and promote their integrateddevelopment,the Internatio

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Short-Term Training
2014 Introduce Mongolian Admission Brochure11/02
Accommodation Introduction11/02
Registration Processes of Xilingol Vocational College for International Students11/02
General Enrollment Regulations of Xilingol Vocational College11/02
Physical Examination Record for Foreigner11/02
Resume Template for International Students11/02
Study Application Form for International Students11/02
Foreign Students administratio
Life Management Regulations for International 03/10
Living Guide for International Students in Xilingol Vocational College11/03
Procedure of Leave for International Students11/02
Xilingol Vocational College Administrative System for Control and Dispose Foreign-Related Cases and Incidents 11/02
Management system of international students’ apartment 11/02
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