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Our college participates in the National Vocational Colleges Education Exhibition in Mongolia

Our college was invited to attended the two days National Vocational Colleges Education Exhibition in Mongolia by our cooperative college New Ijgen Shiller University of Mongolia on 9th June. Our college sent Chenggele, office clerk from the International Exchange Center, Zhonggeerzhabu, teacher from the Secondary School and Aorigele, cook from the Mengxiya Hotel to Ulaanbaatar to attended the exhibition. More than 2000 people from 85 vocational colleges in Mongolia participated in the exhibition. Our college is the only Chinese vocational college invited.

During the exhibition, the representatives of our college advertised relevant majors of the college, the mongolian short-term training and to studying abroad in China. The cook also made four kinds of mongolian chinese food at the exhibition, such as golden sand milk cake, honey cheese, coral beef and jam plate for everyone to taste and got good praise.

This exhibition not only makes our college understand the current situation and developing direction of vocational education in Mongolia, but also the demand and potential of mongolian short-term training. It is also of great significance to the promotion of our college's popularity and international influence.