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International Exchange Center holds wrestling competition for foreign students

In order to enrich the Extracurricular life of foreign students and promote their integrated development, the International Exchange Center held a wrestling competition for them during the “May Day” holiday. 64 Mongolian students participated the competition.

The competition adopts the elimination system, contestants compete on an individual basis and To determine an opponent by drawing lots. All players play in two groups at the same time, the loser quit at the end of every game. The winner went on to the next round until the final winner was born.

Bat Khongor, the student of 2016 Session who studies in Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine Institute , won the championship after several rounds of fierce competition. Erdene Bulgan, the students of 2017 Session who studies in Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine Institute, won the second place. Goo Secinbaatar head of Foreign Student Management Section of International Exchange Center presented medals and prizes for the first and second runners-up and encourage them to continue to strengthen physical exercise, improve their physical fitness, and maintain their love of wrestling.

This competition not only will the students give full play to their ability and potential in sports, but also provide them with a chance to compete with each other and deepen friendship. It shows their vigorous and energetic spirit.