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Mongolian parliament president adviser group visited our college

Five persons group of the Mongolian parliament president legal adviser Bold and Educational Culture Department deputy Minister legal adviser Jargalsaikhan came to visit our college accompanying with Lou Jianxin, director of Mongolian-Russian Office of Foreign Affairs Office of the Autonomous Regional Government, director of Xilingol Administrative Office Foreign Affairs Office Narenbateer.

Two sides held a meeting, which was chaired by Narenbatee, director of Xilingol Administrative Office Foreign Affairs Officer on cooperation of the project “Mongolian Herdsmen”. President of our college Teligeng, vice-president Namujilaqiren and related leadership from International Exchange Center, Grassland Ecology and Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine Institute, Equestrian Institute attended the meeting. Both sides made a in-depth discussion and reached cooperative intentions on numerous projects. For example the double degree education in the major animal husbandry veterinarian, pratacultural science and animal epidemic prevention; education of academic qualifications in the major equestrian sport, horse culture, horse products and traditional veterinarian; orientation training and adult training etc.

In the meeting, the president of our college Teligeng introduced basic situation of XinlinGol Vocational College and the experience of cooperation to Mongolia in recent years. President Te said, the "Mongolian herdsmen" project has received strong support from the Foreign Affairs Office and the Education Department of the Autonomous region, and our college will make every effort to ensure that the project is carried out in orderly. The cooperation between China and Mongolia is gradually from between two schools turned to two governments. So that the exchange and cooperation space between our college and all sectors of Mongolia has been further expanded, and the platform has been further upgraded. In the future, we will make every effort to the superiority of teachers' exchange and skill training in the vocational skills training base of Mongolia, so as to raise the special training work to a new height.

After that, the Mongolian parliament president legal adviser Bold introduced the the "Mongolian herdsmen" project. He said, the project will work with the Inner Mongolia Autonomous region to develop a new standardization plan and introduce a new basic system to conduct mutual learning activities between herdsmen of the two countries.In order to ensure the development of the animal husbandry and to change the traditional animal husbandry development model into the commercial development mode, it is necessary to train and reserve the young herdsmen in order to ensure the development of the traveling animal husbandry, as well as to write a book on the herding way and the experience of the outstanding herdsmen nowadays. At the same time, he mentioned that Mongolian president Enkhe Bold attach great importance to the friendship and cooperation between China and Mongolia, and the choice of Xilingol Vocational College as the first stop for its work is because of its great influence in the Mongolia state, especially in the short term special training work, which has been recognized by the government of Mongolia and the relevant departments of China.

After meeting, the guests visited the Genghis Khan museum and equestrian school accompanying with President of our college Teligeng, vice-president Namujilaqiren and the director of International Exchange Center Lin Yanfeng.

The further development of various cooperation projects with Mongolia will train more practical and skilled talents for Mongolia, and at the same time will further expand the new space of practical cooperation between our college and even our country, and raise the new level of open development.