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Mongolia's Ovoerhangay Province Education Leaders Together With the Heads of Academies Visited Our College and Received Training

    May 19, 2015, The International Exchange Center organized the director of the Education Department of Mongolia's Ovoerhangay Province Sangbudengyun and 23 principals to attend the 5-day-long training and communication. The opening ceremony of the training was held on the morning of June 20. During the training, the Mongolia visiting group visited our college and went the Xilin Gol League Mongolian high school, Xilin hot Mongolian middle school and the West Ujimqin Banner Mongolian high school to visit and exchanged opinions, discussed the problems in many aspects, including the management of primary and middle school field.

    Through this training and communication ,we believe that the future cooperation between our college and Mongolia's Ovoerhangay Province in all fields will certainly reach the goal of mutual promotion and common development, meanwhile the recruitment of international students will be also promoted.