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Life Management Regulations for International

Chapter One  General Provisions

No.1  In order to enhance the standard management of international student apartments, safeguard lawful rights of international students living on the campus and preserve public order of student apartments. This is to create a safe, clean and civilized living and learning environment. The regulations are formulated according to‘Educational Law of the PRC’, ‘Higher Education Law of the PRC’, ‘Exit and Entry Administration Law of the PRC’, ‘Administrative Regulations for University to Accept International Students’and in line with the relevant documents from local education authorities, based on the actual situation of the college.


Chapter Two  Dormitory management

No.2  All students shall go through the formalities of accommodation with their valid identity documents (such as passport, residence permit, etc.) after paying the accommodation fee when they come to study at this college. After completion of registration procedures, students shall accept arrangements and lodging in a  pre-assigned room. Switching or taking a room without prior permission is not allowed. It is forbidden to damage or sell any items in the room. If room-switching or bed-replacing is required for international students living on the campus due to special reasons, they shall apply for application through the relevant departments in writing for such a request. No switching or replacement shall be allowed before approval is granted by the department in charge.

No.3  After entering the room, students shall check the list of items in the room and confirm with the signature. Students must pay the full price for anything on the list if missing or damaged when they leave campus.

No.4  Transferring or subleasing of rooms or accommodating another person without permission is forbidden. Anyone that is found transferring, subleasing rooms or accommodating another person will be asked to quit accommodation and will receive corresponding disciplinary punishment according to the circumstances.

No.5  Students shall obey the fire-safety requirements and shall not meddle with distribution boxes and fire-fighting equipment. Inflammable and explosive materials such as gas, gasoline, alcohol, matches, lighters and so on are strictly forbidden in rooms and corridors. The losses therefrom shall be compensated according to the actual value. It is strictly prohibited to connect electric wires, TV cable lines or satellite antenna without permission. Students shall pay attention to the safety of the electricity and the use of furnace, iron, electric heater, alcohol burner and other heating equipment is strictly forbidden in order to prevent fire hazards. Violators shall get their appliances above confiscated. The losses caused by any accident due to the use of such electrical appliances shall be fully compensated by the offender, whose legal liability shall also be investigated.

No.6  Close the door after you and lock it when you leave. Take good care of your valuables and relevant documents to prevent theft. The college shall assume no liability or responsibility for any loss of valuables due to personal reasons. The room extra keys shall be kept by the dormitory supervisors.

No.7  Any bad behavior such as drinking, smoking, abuse and fighting is forbidden in rooms and corridors. Violators will receive a warning and their families will be informed. If there is any serious violation, the violator will be asked to quit accommodation.

No.8  Keep apartments clean and quiet. It is forbidden to hang any items outside the window or throw anything out of the dormitory window for it may endanger the safety of others and cause destruction of public sanitation. Don't alter on the wall of rooms or corridors or knock in a nail for objects hanging. No pets, loud noise or high volume of music is allowed to avoid any disturbance to others. Violators will receive a warning. If there is any serious violation, the violators will be asked to quit accommodation.

No.9  Treasure public properties and save water and electricity. Do not replace furniture without permission. Do not damage or remove any facilities in the dormitory building or in rooms. Anyone damaging or losing any public property shall make compensation according to the cost. Vandalized room facilities shall be reported to the dormitory supervisors for repair in time.

No.10  No private objects are allowed to be stacked in corridors and public places. Violators shall get their objects confiscated by the supervisors. Public facilities in corridors shall be compensated according to the cost if damaged artificially.

No.11  Follow the college schedule to get up and go to bed at a regular time every day.


Chapter Three  Management of sanitation and work-and-rest time

No.12  The international student dormitory is subject to an irregular sanitation inspection system. If the room is found to be dirty, chaotic and disorderly, the involved students will receive oral warnings from the supervisors 2-3 times until such mistakes are no longer made.

No.13  The international student apartment opens at 6:00 and is locked at 22:00, with lights out at 23:00. No noise is allowed after lights out to avoid any disturbance to others. Violators will receive a warning, but those incorrigible will receive a written warning issued by the relevant department or will be asked to quit accommodation.


Chapter Four  Procedures of leave and access management

No.14  Asking for Leave category

  1. Sick leave: in principle, only issue doctor’s note from college’s infirmary (abroad students outside school should hold a hospital sick certificate) can handle the formalities for sick leave. If failing to submit the doctor’s note because of acute disease, can first handle leave formalities to class teachers or International Exchange Center. After recovery, submit the doctor’s note and ask for leave formalities that is in arrears.
  2. Casual leave: if abroad student must ask for leave due to special circumstances, he/she must ask for leave formalities according to the prescribed procedures, and need to inform class teacher, department and international exchange center, in principle, not more than three days.
  3. Leave of Absence to Attend Public Affairs: if you need to be absent for handling official business, participating in external competitions, activities, meeting, entrusted by the college or department of college, you should ask for leave by issuing a certificate to the person in charge of the college and department of  the college, and submit the certificate to international exchange center.
  4. Maternity leave: maternity leave can be applied in two months prior to maternity holidays. You can take a month off after giving birth, and must return to school after a month.

No.15  Procedure for asking leave or cancellation of the leave

  1. Foreign students fill in notes for leave to the international exchange center of the college, and indicate the reason to leave.
  2. Foreign students’ within-one-day leave request should be approved by class teachers and dormitory teachers within one day.
  3. After filling, over one day leave request should be approved by class teachers, teaching affairs section, college and department leaders, and international exchange center.
  4. Foreign students cannot ask for leave over ten days, cannot ask for leave for over three times each year. If any foreign student violates the above regulations, he/she will get expelled.
  5. Foreign students may only go out or return to the dormitory for rest with notes for leave. Foreign student that do not sleep in the dormitory must, submit the notes for leave to apartments’ dormitory teachers.
  6. If foreign student’ leave is up, should terminate his/her leave actively to class teacher and international exchange center of college within one day after returning school.

No.16  Regulations for special conditions

  1. Ask for leave due to practical training, practice and social practice

If overseas students ask for leave to attend outing training, internship, or social practice, need to write letters of guarantee, for examination and approval of teacher in charge, signature of department leaders, then report to foreign exchange and director of the dean for examination and approval, relevant personnel situation needs to be submitted to foreign exchange center and the dormitory administration center for the record in unified way. In addition, students’ going out for internship, needs to comply with all laws and regulations of the state and the working unit system, travel in groups as far as possible, pay attention to the personal property security, persons-in-charge needs to report to the teacher in charge occasionally during practice period.

  1. Ask for leave on holiday

International students shall not leave early or extend leave too late when returning, before or after the long holiday over two days on winter vacation, summer vacation, "May Day", "National Day" and so on, the procedures for asking for leave before and after the long vacation and major student activities (such as the flag-raising ceremony, graduation ceremony, etc.), must be approved by department leader and foreign exchange center. If foreign students go out at two-day weekend or leave the Xilinhot urban area, must ask for leave to the teacher in charge, and handle in accordance with stipulated procedures and the examination and approval authority.

  1. Leave of absence for leaving the apartment

Foreign students without special circumstances are not allowed to sleep outside, leaving dormitory needs to implement the regulation of double - leave, namely, ask for leave to the teacher in charge, and submit the notes for leave to the dormitory administration duty room and foreign exchange center for the record; for sleepovers, inspectors shall check notes for leave to register, convenient for night out verification at night. No notes for leave will be regarded as night out during checking period.

  1. Compensatory time off

Foreign students usually cannot have additional holidays, if failing to ask for leave in person in advance due to sudden illness, an emergency or in case of special circumstances, timely report to the teacher in charge by telephone, SMS and other way, after the oral approval can leave, and within one working day after returning school when the leave is up, hold relevant certificates, handle compensatory leave formalities to overseas exchange center in accordance with the procedures and leave permissions. If compensatory leave is not approved and leave, process according to absenteeism. No note for leave during the period will be regarded as night out.

  1. Extension of leave

International students need to extend leave after the expiry of leave, must apply to the class teacher during the period of leave, the teacher in charge according to leave approval authority to report to college, department leader, foreign exchange center for ratification, students terminate his/her leave within one working day after returning school with the certificate of extension of leave. If extension of leave is not approved and leave, process according to absenteeism.

  1. Resumption from Leave

Students should terminate his/her leave within one working day after returning school to class teacher, college, foreign exchange center. Failing to cancel the leave, process according to absenteeism.


Chapter Five  Safety management

No.17  Students shall not be engaged in opposition to the fundamental political structure established by the Constitution of the People's Republic of China; shall not endanger the national security of China or get involved in any activities incompatible with their status; shall not harm the public interests of the society, destroy or disrupt public order; shall not be engaged in any illegal business activities, and shall not do an off-campus job.

No.18  Students shall abide by the laws and regulations of China and the school regulations. Do not disrupt the social order or spread rumors. Students involved in police or criminal cases due to violation of Chinese laws shall be put under Chinese judicial departments in accordance with the law; anyone violating school rules and regulations shall receive penalties given by the school in accordance with the relevant regulations.

No.19  The college respects their own customs and religious beliefs of international students, and they shall also respect customs and habits of Chinese citizens. Missionary and religious gatherings are forbidden in the college.

No.20  Students who have visitors must register at the office of the apartment supervisors with valid certificates. Those who have no proper certificates are not allowed to enter the international student apartment. In case they need to have their friends or relatives stay in the apartment, they have to get prior approval of the person in charge of the apartment and go through check-in formalities according to the relevant provisions.


Chapter Six  Bylaw

No.21  This system will be implemented since the date of release. And the original system will be terminated simultaneously.