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Living Guide for International Students in Xilingol Vocational College

1. Safety Service
    Xilinhot is a safe place to live and study in, but one should never lower your guards.
    Firstly, take good care of your important belongings, such as passport and money. Do not take passport and large amount of cash with you when you go out. Student card can prove your identity within campus and Xilinhot city. Important belongings should be held in locked storage and make sure the windows and doors are closed before leaving.
    Follow the traffic regulations and take care. Call the police when emergency happens. Meanwhile, report to External Exchange Center and our staffs will do our utmost to help you.
mergency calls:
Police 110
Fire 119
Traffic accident 122
First-aid center 120
Yellow page 114
Police in XVC 8267359
International student office in XVC 8106693
Service counter in dormitory ????

2. Currency Exchange
    The currency most frequently used in Chinese mainland is RMB. The RMB units are yuan, jiao and cent. There are 13 currency values: 100yuan, 50yuan, 20yuan, 10yuan, 5yuan, 2yuan, 1yuan, 5jiao, 2jiao, 1jiao. Coins are 1yuan, 5jiao, 1jiao.
    Exchange currency in Bank of China or star hotels when you bring foreign currency, credit cards (international used) or traveller’s check. Never exchange currency with strangers in case of any financial loss.
    China Construction Banks is on campus. There are also Inner Mongolia Bank, Rural Credit Cooperatives around the campus. You can deposit or withdraw RMB or various currency in all these banks. When open an account, please bring your passport with you.

3. City Transportation
    Convenient transportations near XVC makes it perfect to travel around. Buses cost 2 yuan. Keep an eye on your belongings when traveling on bus. As convenient as buses, taxi service is normally 24-hour available, which is measured by mileage. There is a taximeter at the front of a taxi, basic price is normally 6 yuan and 1 yuan/km. There is a sign of “TAXI” at top of a taxi and driver’s photo, name card, phone number and company within a taxi. Ask for the invoice when getting off in case of any problems.
Buses via XVC:
Front Gate of XVC
Route 1

4.Campus Map