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Management system of international students’ apartment

1. Students should be settled in the assigned room by the school and they are not allowed to change the room by themselves as well as grab the room.

2. College usually do not offer lodging to student’s spouse and families; under special circumstance, with the permission of the foreign exchange center they could be arranged in the assigned place with the particular payment.

3. Checking items in the room with the lists and have the students’ sign on it after they entered the room. When the student is leaving, if there is anything lost or damaged, the student should pay for it.

4. Student have to pay for dormitory fee as the regulations of the college when they enter the school; in special case, it can be defer with the permission of the foreign exchange center.

5. Students are not allowed to use the dormitory to engage the activities which break the state’s law as well as the college’s regulations. The students are not allowed to transfer the room or let others stay overnight. Dormitory is not for religious activities.

6. Students must follow the fire-proof regulations; must not tampering with distribution box and fire equipment; no combustible or explosive materials are allowed to be placed in the room; the damage caused thereby shall be compensated according to the facts. Pay attention to the use of electricity, heating equipments such as electric stove , electric warmer or alcohol stove are not allowed to use in the room in order to prevent fire. For violator, afore-mentioned electrical equipments will be confiscated. If these factors caused an accident, perpetrator will be responsible for the whole loss and will be held accountable. It is strictly prohibited to run wires, cables and satellite dishes.

7. Take care of own valuables. Keep the door closed and make sure it is locked before leaving; do not borrow or lend the key of the room.

8. Keep the dormitory clean and quiet. No painting on the wall and items. No pet in the room. In order to not disturb others’ study and rest , keep the voice and music quiet.

9. Care for public assets; save water; the furniture in the room are not allowed to be changed by oneself. No damage or demolish of the building or facilities; the student must pay the full price if any public property damaged or lost.

10. It is not allowed to stack anything in the passage or public place; if not, the administer will confiscate all the things; the person who uses the public facility in the passage is considered to be man-made damage and must pay for it.

11. In any violation of above regulations, depending on the seriousness of the case the college will handle according to the relevant provisions.