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College News
College News
Our college organizes overseas short-term training in Mongolia06月28日
Our college participates in the National Vocational Colleges Education Exhibition in Mongolia 06月21日
18 mongolian cooks come to our college for short-term training06月16日
26 Mongolian short-term trainees graduated06月09日
Our college become the executive director of the Sino-British...06月04日
International Exchange Center holds wrestling competition for foreign students05月09日
67 Mongolian short-term special training trainees gratuated05月28日
Cooperation agreement signed between our college and Mongolian National Educational University04月19日
Mongolian parliament president adviser group visited our college04月04日
The first batch of this year short-term professional training Mongolian students graduated04月02日
Deputy vice-chancellor of Mongolian Agriculture University and ...03月29日
Mongolian group visit our college with project ”Mongolian Herdsmen”03月23日
Our College Launched the 1st Term Classes of Vocational Education and Training Base for Mongolia 11月06日
External Exchange Center Organized International Students to Join the “5.1” Holiday Activities11月03日
Our College Successfully Completed the Chinese Training Program of Mongolia Agricultural University Interns11月03日
Mongolia's Ovoerhangay Province Education Leaders Together With...11月03日
External Exchange Center Organized Mongolian Students to Attend the Short Term Training Program in Our College11月03日
Our College Held the 2th Session of Foreign Affairs Work Conference11月02日