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College News
College News
Vice Consul of the Consulate of Mongolia in Erlianhaote visited our college04月04日
Foreign exchange center organizes foreign students to carry out fire safety emergency drill03月27日
Vice-Chairman of Mongolian Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Co-operative visited our college03月26日
Our college ushered in the first batch of short-term training students for Mongolia this year03月07日
The Foreign Exchange Center organizes safety education and training for international students02月27日
Our college organized overseas training in Mongolia01月08日
In December Our College Organized Short-Term Training for 95 Mongolian Professionals12月24日
Our College has Signed a Cooperation Agreement with Aode Company Mongolia12月20日
The Vice President of Conservatory of Tuscany, Italy and His Delegation Visited Our College12月14日
President of Mongolia University of Finance and Economics and His Delegation Visited Our College11月29日
Our College has Become the Director Unit of the China-Central...11月27日
Our short-term training in Mongolia has been granted by Capital of Mongolia People's Congress 11月12日
30 Mongolian students come to our college for short-term training10月30日
The College organized short-term training courses for 80 Mongolian students10月16日
Foreign Exchange Center guides Foreign students to pay equal ...10月12日
President Yang Fuyou Held Cooperative Talks with Rania Vice P...10月05日
Our collage enters into "2018 Top 50 Asia Pacific Vocational Collages"09月25日
Beijing Shangri-La Hotel Group come to our college introduced internship for foreign students09月06日
The President and Deputy Principal of Thim University in the Netherlands Visits Our College09月05日
The enrollment and admission of foreign students of our colle...08月31日